Highly experienced, we support small companies develop compliant, complete and compelling proposal responses to federal, state and local government agencies.

Our clients come from nearly every market segment. Our custom approach to proposal services allows us the flexibility to scale up or down each engagement as needed. In addition, our process reflects the acquisition and procurement trends followed by the government and ensure a compliant response tailored to the specific RFP instructions and evaluation criteria.

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  • Organizational Optimization – chart, evaluations, conflict negotiation
  • Corporate Development – scorecard. outcomes 
  • Globalization
  • Operations Management  – turnover, compensation, retention
  • Corporate Finance – budgets and forecasting 
  • IT Management – websites for sales and marketing
  • Sustainability – while improving return on investment
  • Strategic Planning and CRM
  • Brand management and ethical marketing
  • Staff Training and Evaluation
  • CMMI process improvement



Our experts in management and non-profit fundraising have years of experience working to maximize the effectiveness of any proposed solutions to help achieve your non-profit organization’s mission.

They come from a variety of backgrounds in the nonprofit world and have first-hand knowledge of the complexities and issues facing organizations. Coupled with our record of assisting thousands of clients throughout the years, our experience enables our staff to utilize industry Best Practices to ensure your aspirations are met. We are equipped to bridge the gap from organizational mission to solutions that enable your goals to become reality.

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