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Succession Planning In Nonprofits: The Distance Between What We Know and What We Do

By Dr. Amanda N Gibson, 220 pp.

America’s First Book Investigating Succession Planning in Nonprofit Organizations.

It ranks high in every nonprofit leader’s priorities. Nearly all of them rate it as top priority. And yet it’s seldom done. Thinking so far in the future… It makes even the most conscientious leaders postpone.

But now comes Dr. Gibson’s research. And short of a medical elixir, it’s the next best thing for emboldening you, your board members and volunteers, to plan with skill, finesse, and powerful results.

What research convincingly shows – and one reason leaders will applaud the book and board members will devour it – is that it doesn’t take stellar sales skills to be an effective planner. Nearly everyone, regardless of their forecasting ability, can become a highly effective succession planner if they follow a few guidelines.


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            NONPROFIT REALITIES Everybody Must Face,

by Dr. Amanda N Gibson

If every member of every nonprofit organization across America read this book, it’s no exaggeration to say that millions of dollars would be better managed. How could it be otherwise when after spending just one hour with this book, readers everywhere would understand a lot more about nonprofit organizations and the hardships they face.



 About the Author

Dr. Amanda N. Gibson is one of the few people who can communicate profound ideas to audiences of all types – from CEOs to career transitioners to those new to the field.

She is teaching at Broward College and earned her Doctorate in Business Administration in 2013 from the University of Phoenix.

She is also the founder of ANG Management Coaching and Consulting (ANG-MCC), a woman-owned provider of training, leadership development, and consulting services to community-based organizations.

Dr. Amanda N. Gibson has over 15 years of multi-faceted work experience, with notable achievements in teaching, mentoring, project management, financial environment, and consulting. Her comprehensive background and exposure to cultural diversity gained by working abroad and in non-profit organizations complement the scholarly degrees. Passionate about Nonprofit Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Dr. Gibson is a keen researcher and scholar while equally interested to share her accumulated experience through consulting, teaching and writing.




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       Last but not least, Dr. Amanda N. Gibson has published two books dealing with nonprofit organizations’ issues, and has two more in the works. If you have suggestions for articles or research, please get in touch!

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