Nonprofit Finances and Fundraising             

Get a complete financial education in just few daysmake more powerful, informed business decisions.

Through actual situations and reports, you’ll come away better equipped to speak and interact intelligently with your donors and various stakeholders. Analyze financial statements with new clarity… know the workings of the financial departments… and understand that you can fulfill your core purpose only by staying financially viable.


  • Gain a thorough understanding of every financial concept, including a complete finance and accounting vocabulary
  • Make the right buy/lease decisions and take advantage of cash discounts offered by vendors
  • Effectively assess investment opportunities
  • Make more profitable sales by understanding fixed variable costs
  • Monitor operating results to achieve long-term financial goals


  • Accounting essentials: basics of booking transactions
  • Cash and accrual methods of accounting
  • Categorizing assets, liabilities and capital
  • Understanding and evaluating financial statements
  • Understand financial ratios used by analysts to assess liquidity, profitability, leverage and risk
  • Preparing and using operational and capital budgets
  • How financial markets value a business
  • Cost analysis, profit planning and exposures to volume / price risks


Experienced managers, CEOs, executive directors and vice presidents – as well as executives and managers in finance, operations, direct service, R&D and other departments who interact with financial aspects of the organization. Knowledge of the fundamentals of nonprofit organizations is highly recommended.

EXTRA – Lunch (Catering)  included.


February 24           Broward College – Cypress Creek Center; 6400 N.W. 6th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309​

February 10           8136 Old Keene Mill Road A-305, Springfield, VA      22152

August 18                Broward College – Cypress Creek Center; 6400 N.W. 6th Way, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309​

August 11                 8136 Old Keene Mill Road A-305, Springfield, VA      22152

Date and Place

DURATION: 1 day / 0.8 CEUs

COST: $450 / ANG-MCC Members $405; ANG-MCC Members save 10%.